RT-HSSL HSS long drill bits

Ground HSS drill bits, extended, for a precise drilling of deep holes in steel and non-ferrous metal

Features and benefits

  • Point angle of 135° enables you to drill in hard steel
  • Drill bits made of high-quality HSS steel, which ensures high durability
  • Manufactured to DIN 340 standard, which ensures constant parameters and sizes of long drill bits
  • Ground spiral enables you to drill precisely
  • Double-sided geometry of the point (SPLIT POINT) ensures ideal centring and reduces pressure while drilling

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    Base material

    • Structural Steel

      Structural Steel

    • Metal Sheet & Profiles

      Metal Sheet & Profiles

    • Aluminium


    • Non-ferrous metals

      Non-ferrous metals


    • Drilling deep holes in carbon steel, aluminum and non-ferrous materials


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