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NEW AUG Edition - 2022 Price List


NEW TRAINING COURSES at the Rawlplug Academy & Training Centre in Reading!


Customer Experience Survey We would love to get your feedback!

Take the Survey

NEW Resin Calculator

Find out how much you require!


NEW Universal Disinfectant Spray!


NEW range of Rawlplug 18V Power Tools - the highest quality, reliable cordless power tools


NEW 2nd Gen Gas Powered Framing Nailer - WW90 ll


FREE Webinars Sign-up Now!


The NEW version of EasyFix



Background Technical Image

Favourite Technical & Specifier products:


R-CAS-V Spin-In Capsule with Threaded Rods


R-FF1-N-L-A4 Nylon frame fixing counersunk, stainless steel


R-TFIX-8S-...-X Universal facade fixing with plain screw

Technical & Specifier Engineers and Specialists

Technical & Specifier Engineers and Specialists

Find Technical & Specifier products by application:

Rebar into Concrete

Favourite Construction & Trade products:


R-SPL-II-L SafetyPlus II - Loose Bolt


R-LX-HF-ZF Zinc flake coated Hex with Flange Concrete Screw Anchor


R-KEX II with Threaded Rods

Construction & Trade Professionals and Distributors

Construction & Trade Professionals and Distributors

Find Construction & Trade products by application:

Grey Unos and blue 4ALL with Screws

Favourite DIY products:




TAP-IT-PLUS Hammer-in fixing for plasterboard with screw


SM Interset

DIY Homeowners and Enthusiasts

DIY Homeowners and Enthusiasts

Find DIY products by application:

Bonded Anchors

Mechanical Anchors

Foams, Sealants & Adhesives

Facade Insulation Fixings

Roofing Insulation Fixings

Lightweight Fixings


Power Tool Accessories

Direct Fastening Systems

Stapling Tacking Gluing

New Products



How to reduce assembly time by 40% while maintaining the highest load capacities?

How to reduce assembly time by 40% while maintaining the highest load capacities? Discover and order the frame fixing with the shortest anchoring zone R-FFS!



R-WW90II – a response to modern requirements At Rawlplug, we believe we can always strive for more…

R-WW90II – a response to modern requirements At Rawlplug, we believe we can always strive for more effective and reliable solutions. This is evidenced by the new, improved version of our gas nailer: WW90 II. This tool is extremely ergonomic and comforta



Fastening time reduced by 30% and top quality of joints in wooden structures. Learn more about the PROCUT screws and place an order!


Power Tools

Rawlplug 18V platform – the highest quality, reliable cordless power tools

Rawlplug 18V platform – the highest quality, reliable cordless power tools


SC40 system

New solution from Rawlplug for manual and direct fastening systems

R-RAWL-SC40 2nd generation gas powered nailer from Rawlplug brings changes for improved key tool parameters.


Timber UNO

A universal plug for all base materials? Check out Rawlplug® Timber UNO, which is made of 70% wood. …

A universal plug for all base materials? Check out Rawlplug® Timber UNO, which is made of 70% wood. Protect the environment and and make your fastening durable!



Choose reliability – find out more about the UNO® plug and it unique design.

Choose reliability – find out more about the UNO® plug and its unique design which always ensures durable fixing, even in substrates of unknown characteristics.

Technical Advisory

Rawlplug’s portfolio includes not only a comprehensive range of products, but also a whole list of services that complement them. These services are intended for engineers and designers, as well as for contractors and retailers.

Technical Helpdesk

We provide a comprehensive package of technical support related to consultancy, designing and testing of fixings and fasteners. Our extensive experience comes from working closely with our clients on many demanding projects.

technical support

BIM Rawlplug

BIM Rawlplug is an online application that includes a comprehensive portfolio of models and technical drawings of Rawlplug’s fixings and fasteners intended for our customers.

BIM Rawlplug

Technical Library

Search for the technical documentation of our products is easy and intuitive. To find the relevant information, specify the name of the product, document type and product group.

download documents

EasyFix Calculation Software

As part of the continuous development of our products and services, we are happy to announce the latest update of Rawlplug’s unique EasyFix calculation software. Known and appreciated by fixings professionals, the EasyFix application has been upgraded to the PRO version.

go to download

Buy our products in your area

Get Rawlplug’s products from our distributors points of sale. Choose the location that suits you best.

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Krakow showroom. Full portfolio and special effects

One thing is a beautifully designed display. Excellent space for tests and convenient training facility...

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New tailor-made power tools

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Is 7.2V not enough? Well, it’s just for starters

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Rough in action, sharp in touch. The new angle grinders from Rawlplug

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Swing into action with the NEW Rawlplug swing fixing set!

Rawlplug’s certified swing fixing sets are now conquering the ​​​​​​​DIY market! The new solution from Rawlplug is...

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Rawlplug Academy training centre in Prague finally open

27 April saw the official inauguration of the Rawlplug Academy training centre in Prague. This is...

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Training the next generation of construction engineers

British students from Park Royal College, Croydon College, and City of Oxford College were given...

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New Rawlplug labels already on our customers’ shelves!

Since the beginning of the year, Rawlplug products have been available in refreshed packaging at...

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Rawlplug Ltd to work with major Technical Engineering Solution Provider SPIE UK

Rawlplug Ltd (UK) are delighted to announce that the major Technical Engineering Solution Provider SPIE...

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Rawlplug Ltd | Ukraine Appeal

To support the country of Ukraine in this time of need, Rawlplug Ltd are aiming...

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NEW Training schedule for March 2022

We are now delighted to inform you that our training programmes in West London (Reading)...

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Easyfix4 now offers even more

Application now compatible with macOS software; design method in compliance with the Australian standard included...

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Rawlplug at the Warsaw Tools & Hardware Show

In early November, the Rawlplug Poland team attended the 2021 Warsaw Tools & Hardware Show....

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Let’s welcome Portugal!

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Lithuanian edition of the Rawlplug offering catalogue

Keeping it going! Having released the latest new editions of the Rawlplug catalogue in the...

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Time for e-learning in French!

Scellement chimique is French for chemical anchor. If you want to extend your product knowledge and learn...

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Fijaciones! Spain on training

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“Välkommen till Rawlplug!”

You can now add the chosen Rawlplug products to your cart in our brand’s dedicated...

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R-LX. Good is not good enough

“Trust & Innovation” – our motto remains valid considering the ongoing improvements in Rawlplug’s offering....

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Rawlplug Academy e-learning in Russian

Our portfolio of new e-learning modules in Czech, Ukrainian and French has just grown with...

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A hero no longer silent

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Vote for the Sustainability Report!

We are proud and happy to inform you that our 2020 Sustainability Report has been...

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R-FF1 frame fixings with the highest load capacity in the world!

According to the recently released dedicated ETA, its characteristic load capacity has been set at...

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New Showroom and Revamped Glasgow Office

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Charity at Rawlplug Ltd.

‘To become better yourself you don’t have to wait for a better world.’* Rawlplug Ltd...

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The game is on! Sponsorship for a Scottish football club.

We consider ourselves privileged to be among the sponsors of a football club with more...

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New series with R-LX concrete screw from Rawlplug

Rawlplug has once again shown its cutting edge and relied on innovation and unique solutions....

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The Rawlplug Academy & Training Centre’s in Reading & Glasgow are NOW OPEN for training!

Great News! The Rawlplug Academy & Training Centre’s in Reading & Glasgow are NOW OPEN...

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Resin calculator – new mobile application for calculating resin consumption

In Rawlplug good is not enough, that’s why we are constantly developing our rich offer...

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#becomexpert Rawlplug® Webinars just launched…Join now!

What is this project? Webinars, i.e. seminars with the participation of Rawlplug experts conducted online...

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Another Year, another successful Screwfix Live!

Screwfix LIVE opened its doors to the trade and DIY enthusiasts from 29th – 1st October...

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Closer to the job market – The World of Logistics

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The year of risks, consistency and satisfaction – 2019 sum up according to Radosław Koelner, Rawlplug’s CEO

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Rawlplug goes bigger than all at UKCW 2019

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The Rawlplug Academy – Rawlplug Creates the Newest and Biggest Training Centre in London

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TFIX 8S – The Most Multi-Functional Facade Fixings

SIMPLICITY, that makes your work faster and EASIER R-TFIX-8SX stands for a genuine breakthrough in...

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New Instagram Launch!

Our Insta is now live! The UK Instagram will allow everyone to engage with us and...

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New line of screw anchors: R-LX

Some key facts about the R-LX anchors: they provide an excellent alternative to the popular...

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Surprise from the British Film Institute archive

Ladies and Gentlemen, we invite you to embark on an amazing journey back in time:...

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New showroom and revamped Glasgow office

The showroom is where we present Rawlplug’s entire product range using our innovative POS system....

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Rawlplug shines at Jewson Live 2017

Jewson Live opened its doors to the trade and DIY sectors on the 14th December 2017,...

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Rawlplug cements its place at the 2017 UKCW Build Show

For the first year, Rawlplug exhibited at the 2017 UKCW Build Show, held at the...

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