R-SL-LUS-EN Mirrors Adhesive Silicone

Silicone adhesive for mirrors - Solvent-free, colourless adhesive with neutral curing system.

Features and benefits

  • Intended for non-invasive fixing and adhesion of mirrors and glass mosaics.
  • Excellent adhesion to most materials and substrates used in construction.
  • Texture and colour suitable for use for sealing mirror edges.
  • Warranty covers against discolouration of base materials.

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    Base material

    • Glass


    • Metal Sheet & Profiles

      Metal Sheet & Profiles

    • Stainless Steel

      Stainless Steel

    • Glaze


    • Masonry


    • Concrete


    • Aerated Concrete Block

      Aerated Concrete Block

    • Plastics

    • Cement Mortar

    • Protected wood

      Protected wood

    • Mirrors

    • Protected metals  (aluminium, brass, copper,  steel, zinc-plated metal sheet)

      Protected metals  (aluminium, brass, copper,  steel, zinc-plated metal sheet)

    For use also with

    • Ceramics


    • Solid Concrete Block

      Solid Concrete Block

    • Hollow-core Slab

      Hollow-core Slab

    • Concrete Slab

      Concrete Slab

    • Lightweight Concrete Block

      Lightweight Concrete Block

    • Hollow Lightweight Concrete Block

      Hollow Lightweight Concrete Block

    • Silicate Blocks

      Silicate Blocks

    • High-Density Natural Stone

      High-Density Natural Stone

    • Hollow Brick

      Hollow Brick

    • Vertically-perforated Clay Block

      Vertically-perforated Clay Block

    • Hollow Sand-lime Brick

      Hollow Sand-lime Brick

    • Solid Brick

      Solid Brick

    • Solid Sand-lime Brick

      Solid Sand-lime Brick

    • Ceramic Hollow Block

      Ceramic Hollow Block

    • Gypsum Fibreboards

      Gypsum Fibreboards

    • Plasterboard


    • Chipboard


    • Oriented Strand Board

      Oriented Strand Board

    • Stainless Steel

      Stainless Steel


    • Adhesion of decorative mirrors to varied substrates, even at low temperatures (5°C).
    • Fixing mirror mosaics (mirror-mirror bonding) in shower cabinets.
    • Adhesion of mirrors to substrates exposed to vibration and stress (new-build environments).
    • Fixing mirrors and large glass panels such as Lacobel (e.g. on sliding wardrobe doors).
    • Grouting mirrors edges (subsequent to full hardening of the pre-applied adhesive).
    • Adhesion of mirrors with metal, wood or plastic frames.
    • External fixing of glass components

    Installation guide

    1. Prior to application of silicone protect edges with masking tape
    2. Cut the tip of the cartridge, leaving part of the thread. Screw the applicator on to the thread, then cut at the required angle to give an aperture width suited to the joint.
    3. Use manual or pneumatic gun applicator.
    4. The product should be applied in parallel, vertical streaks or in dispersed spots, in order to facilitate evaporation of by-products during curing. Do not seal edges of the mirror until after the silicone is fully-hardened.
    5. Depending on the mirror size and weight, additional support may be required throughout the bonding period and for several hours thereafter. If using mirrors from an unrecognised manufacturer, checks must be performed before installation to ensure suitability. The mirror should be secured in accordance with EN 1036 - Glass in building.


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