R-RAWL-PRN-45 Pneumatic roofing nailer

Pneumatic coil nailer for manufacturing pallets, wooden packaging and othe timber product

Features and benefits

  • Guide plate ensures the perpendicularity of the tool against the roof surface
  • Tool free depth adjustment. The operator can easily adjust the depth that the nail is driven into timber to produce a precise fixing
  • Extremely lightweight and manouverable which is an advantege when operating in areas with limited access
  • Nail range from 22mm to 45mm provides wide range of application
  • Ergonomic design and well balanace for higher comfort of daily use and reduced risk of injury
  • Very low recoil value provides great improvement in operators comfort of using the tool
  • Nail cover ensures great safety. Nails moving in the magazine are separated from unvoluntary access

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    Base material

    • Timber


    • Plywood


    • Wood


    • Chipboard



    • Installation of felt roofing
    • Installation of roofing foil and breather membranes


    • R-RAWL-PRN-45 Pneumatic roofing nailer
    • Spare gasket set
    • Operating and Safety manual
    • Safety glasses


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