Static mixer for bonded anchors in cartridges and CFS+ system

Features and benefits

  • Covenient extrusion and mixing of resin and hardener
  • Available with or without hanger
  • Ideal for serial applications: rebar or anchoring
  • Specially dedicated nozzle fits for anchoring systems R-KEM II, R-KER, R-CFS+
  • Possibility of extenstion- attach SP-CE-ED-1m extension nozzle

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    • For use in a wide range of fastening applications in concrete and solid masonry structures

    Installation guide

    Installation guide
    Installation guide
    Installation guide
    Installation guide
    Installation guide
    1. Simply screw the mixer nozzle onto the resin cartridge (after removing cap) or CFS+ system
    2. Before inserting nozzle to the hole inject resin until even colour is obtained
    3. Insert mixing nozzle to the far end the hole and inject resin, slowly withdrawing the nozzle


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