R-DSX Decking Screws

Decking screws for outdoor applications of wood and chipboard

Features and benefits

  • Produced of hardened carbon steel with coating layer to avoid stain in outdoor applications
  • No pre-drilling reqiured
  • Drilling point to the very top of the screw for fast start
  • The partial thread on the shaft of the screw allows multiple elements to be clamped together securely without separation
  • Trim countersunk head with cutting ribs for easy countersinking and a precise flush finish
  • TX drive quarantees secure transmission of screw-in torque and no pop-out of the bit
  • Notched thread and wax coating for reduced friction
  • Crack avoidance
  • Power and battery-saving

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    Base material

    • Decking


    • Timber


    • Wood


    • Chipboard


    • Plywood


    • Laminate


    • PVC Profile

      PVC Profile


    • Decking
    • Wooden elements exposed to water or mist
    • Outdoor chipboard constructions
    • Laminated wood and exotic wood construction
    • Wooden fences

    Installation guide

    Installation guide
    Installation guide
    1. Choose the right length and diameter of the screw
    2. Drive the screw straight until the head is flush
    3. Screws with partial thread can clamp wooden parts avoiding spaces between them
    4. Screws with trim countersunk head allow flush connection


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