Site Testing


Rawlplug® provides a comprehensive site testing service.

Pull-out tests can be conducted on any of the products in the range, and are normally done on site in the actual structure. Alternatively, we can demonstrate the anchor performance with test blocks in  another location.
Engineers and Contractors are encouraged to be present at the testing.

Testing is conducted in accordance with the guidelines of the Construction Fixings Association.
The Construction Fixings Association (CFA) represents the major quality manufacturers of anchoring products, ensuring good practice at all times.
Rawlplug is a founder member of the CFA and have its personnel on the Technical Committee, Promotions Committee and on the Board of Directors (Vice Chairman).

Since the company was founded over 94 years ago, Rawlplug has been respected as a top quality manufacturer, and this approach to quality and performance has never been compromised, even with the competition from imported products.

Site Testing Service
Based on the information supplied by the Structural Engineer, Civil Engineer or other specifier, a number of pull-out tests will be conducted using the most appropriate fixings.

These could include Mechanical and Bonded Anchors, Insulation Fixings-Facades and Roofing, Direct Fasteners or Lightweight Fixings depending on the application.

Site Testing Results
If the test results are inconsistent, more tests will be carried out to determine the structure’s limitations.
Rawlplug Engineers are qualified professionals with many years of experience and the client can fully rely on the outcome.
The solution recommended will be the most economical one that will provide the performance required, based on all the information provided by the Engineer or Contractor and the test results achieved.
A detailed Site Test Report will be distributed to all interested parties shortly after the test is completed. This will include the names of those who witnessed the tests and all the information available including Test Load, Load Achieved, Structure Type, Strength and Thickness, Fixture Thickness and Material Type, etc.
The Rawlplug Engineer will include comments about the application, observations and recommendations based on all the data collected to ensure that a comprehensive report is available for future reference.

A request for Site Testing
Can go via your supplier of Rawlplug products, or directly to the Rawlplug Technical Advisory Service in Glasgow. Testing can be conducted at a time convenient to the customer.

Burj Al Khalifa Tower – Dubai


Tallest building in the world

Rawlplug M12 and M16 used to fix high speed elevators


Case Studies:

Jubilee Line Extension 18km Tunnel – London Underground – London


M12SafetyPlus for temporary fixings

M12 Rawlnut for temporary fixings

M12 x 90Sherardized  for cable supports, fire mains and tunnel fit-out

Stainless Steel Sleeve Anchors for plantrooms

Rawlbolt Eye Bolts for communication system

Swiss Tower - Jumeirah Lakes Towers - Dubai


42 Floors

Rawlplug conducted initial testing for anchoring glass façade for Alajmi Consulting.

M10 X 115 R-SPT A4 specified

Volume purchased 45,000 pieces

Contractor – HIPCO.

Full training provided for installers

Ongoing testing during contract phase to 40th floor.

Latifa Tower – Sheikh Zayeed Road – Dubai


44 Floors

Following site testing used M12 and M16 R-SPT

Contractor Al Hamra Aluminium

Ras Al Khaimah Bank Headquartes – Silicon Oasis – Dubai


2 days of site testing on anchors to support Glass façade.

M12 used by Alumetal

M12 R-CAS used for remedial steelwork

AL Mazaya Avenue – Dubai


3 Tower Blocks 44 floors high

Façade secured with M8 Stainless Steel R-SPT A4

Dubai Metro


M16 Capsule approved by SYSTRA for Sanghai Issey Cladding for fixing cladding and ventilation louvres at all stations

Wembley Stadium - London


Supplied M10 R-SPT A4 for fixing 90,000 seats following extensive testing

Contractor - Stadium Seating Ltd

Emirates Stadium (Arsenal F.C) – London


Rawl M10 Lipped supplied to fix 60,000 seats following site testing.

Contractor – Ferco Seating

Mixed Use Complex – Sheikh Zayeed Road – Dubai


Marble Cladding secured with M12 Resin and Studs

Twickenham Rugby Stadium - London


M8 Stainless Steel Sleeve Anchors used to Fix 20,000 seats in new stand

M12 stainless steel R-SPT used for fixing façade

Contractor – Parry Bowen

Formula 1 Race Track – Abu Dhabi


Ferco Seating used 40,000 x M10 to fix all seating around the circuit

Lower Lea Valley Cable Tunnels – National Grid – London

Total length 12km + 7 Shafts with maximum depth of 25m.

The site in the Lea Valley for the 2012 London Olympics was crossed by overhead powerlines that would have impeded the construction of the Olympic structures and facilities. It was therefore necessary to construct tunnels so the cables could pass beneath the site and allow the demolition of the overhead pylons.

Site tests were conducted in tunnel segments and M12 x 135 HDG Throughbolts specified by Parsons Brinckerhoff.

Quantity – 40,000

Contractor - Murphy

Application – Fixing of Cable Brackets every 1.5 metres on both sides of the tunnel, and fixing of a monorail to the roof of the tunnel to carry engineers and/or cameras into the tunnel quickly in case of emergency.

Project was completed prior to London Olympics.