Technical Advisory Service


The Rawlplug Specification Team provides a complete package of technical support from the Design stage of a project to its Completion.

Our national service involves the recommendation of an appropriate product taking into account the structure, life expectancy, location, load applied, and all other criteria.

We are very pleased to check the design and specification of any product from lightweight fixings to heavily loaded safety critical anchors. This ensures that the correct specification is written for any product and includes the required safety factors to ensure that the anchor works satisfactorily its lifetime.

Our Technical Advisory Service can be contacted in Glasgow, between the hours of 9.00am and 5.00pm. They will also provide information, technical data, samples etc., and arrange for one of our engineers to call to offices or sites.

We will also visit sites to conduct Pull-Out Tests. This is particularly useful where structures are unknown or potentially weak, for example solid of hollow, low-strength blockwork, which can be as thin as 100mm, and brickwork, where there could be voids and poor mortar strength. A series of tests is carried out in accordance with the engineering requirements and in compliance with BS 8539 and the Construction Fixings Association guidelines. A recommendation is then made based on the actual results obtained to enable an accurate specification to be done, and for product to be selected.

The Rawlplug Specification Team also conducts Product Training on site or at the client’s premises and on request will visit site to periodically check the quality of installation.

All specifiers including Structural, Civil and Mechanical Engineers will be interested to know that we conduct Technical Seminars at lunchtime or in early evening. Subjects include the correct selection of Mechanical and Bonded Anchors and reference is made to applications and case studies. We also provide some details on our Design Software and new Technical Handbook. The seminar can be conducted for any number of people and is normally carried out at the clients premises, and focuses on relevant topics.

In Glasgow we have a newly refurbished Training Centre where groups of up to 12 people can be trained on the correct methods of installation and provided with technical knowledge and applications across the range of products.