Marketing Support

Our role in the collaboration with clients never ends with technical and design engineering consulting, rendering access to the abundance of technical documentation, supplying products or providing product display systems. The portfolio of operations performed by Rawlplug Ltd. also extends over comprehensive marketing support. This translates into the following and many other actions:

  • providing access to a vast library of promotional and technical collateral diversified in format, including product catalogues, leaflets and brochures
  • supporting partners in tailoring personalised marketing materials
  • offering product testing opportunities
  • product demonstrations at sales points
  • organisation of open day events on the client’s premises, designed specifically to match their individual needs
  • organisation of product-related and technical training workshops
  • participation in business events
  • Logos, Price Lists and Brand Style Guides



Besides the standard scope and form of collaboration in the marketing field, we are always ready to flexibly adapt to the clients’ personalised needs and goals. For more information, please contact our marketing department:

Or send us a message:

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