RPP-GUN-NC Profesional Gun for Polyurethane Foams

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  • Reliable tool for professionals enabling multiple applications of polyurethane foam.
  • Solid construction
  • Easy application
  • Adjusting the flow out of the foam
  • Simple maintenance
  • Durability

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Material pictureConcrete
Material pictureConcrete Slab
Material pictureSolid Concrete Block
Material pictureHigh-Density Natural Stone
Material pictureSolid Brick
Material pictureSolid Sand-lime Brick
Material pictureHollow Sand-lime Brick
Material pictureHollow Brick
Material pictureHollow Lightweight Concrete Block
Material pictureVertically-perforated Clay Block
Material pictureAerated Concrete Block
Material pictureWood
Material pictureChipboard
Material picturePVC Profile
Material picturePlasterboard

Installation guide

1. Wear protective gloves. Shake can vigorously (30 sec) to mix the ingredientsand. Attach applicator gun and hold can upside-down during application.

2. After emptying can disconnect the gun from the can with PU foam and immediately screw the next can in order to continue working.

3. When work is finished, there is a possibility to leaving the can connected with the gun. To avoid accidental foam application block the handweel.

4. Disconnect the gun from the can with PU foam. Spray basket of gun using Rawlplug PU Foam Cleaner.

5. To avoid foam curing inside the gun connect the can with the gun - screwing it into the basket of the gun.

6. To clean the gun connect the can with the gun - screwing it into the basket of the gun. Press the trigger several times until the gun is completely cleaned.

7. Once the foam cures in the gun, solvent will not dissolve it. Never use water to clean the gun. Cured foam may damage the gun. It can be removed mechanically. When foam cures in gun unscrew the regulation handwheel and remove the needle.

8. Clean the needle with non-abrasive product. Grease the needle before placing it in the gun.

9. Thoroughly dry all cleaned surfaces.

Technical Data Sheet (PDF, 828.1 KB)

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