RT-MAXH Hollow drill bits Dustlessdrill SDS max

Hollow drill bits SDS max for dust-free drilling in reinforced concrete

Features and benefits

  • Centring point for quick commencement of drilling without the drill slipping
  • Quick removal of dust increases drilling speed and enhances drill bit durability (reduces friction)
  • Drilling, along with dust extraction, make the hole smooth and clean
  • Two holes in the tip of the drill bit allows you to drill and extract dust simultaneously (due to the possibility of fastening a vacuum cleaner)
  • Drilled holes do not require cleaning before fastening, which greatly reduces assembly time
  • Rubber adapter, which is built-in the bit, enables you to fasten a vacuum cleaner hose and to drill holes without dust
  • Extremely high quality, cylindricity and axial alignment of drilled holes, confirmed by international Sicher Safe certificate
  • Steel with specification 34CrNiMo6 provides high strength and durability
  • 3 deep-seated carbide plates significantly increase the service life and efficiency of the drill bit
  • Optimized drill bit geometry allows making axial and cylindrical holes, perfect for mounting
  • 4 cutting edges increase the efficiency of drilling and speeds up hole drilling

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    Base material

    • Reinforced concrete

      Reinforced concrete

    • Concrete


    • Solid Brick

      Solid Brick

    • Solid Concrete Block

      Solid Concrete Block


    • Drilling holes in reinforced concrete, concrete, stone and hard brick


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