R-RPP-B1 Fire Resistant Foam

B1 - Low-pressure, one-component polyurethane fire-resistant foam with applicator gun.

Features and benefits

  • Fire-resistant - EI 120 fire resistance, providing technical approval criteria are fulfilled
  • Insulates against fire, smoke and gas
  • Self-extinguishing.
  • Ideal for mounting, sealing and soundproofing.
  • Cutting time 40 min after apllication
  • Can be painted or plastered when cured
  • Excellent adhesion to most materials and substrates used in construction.
  • Yield up to 45 l
  • Resistant to mould and fungi.

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    Base material

    • Concrete


    • Solid Concrete Block

      Solid Concrete Block

    • Aerated Concrete Block

      Aerated Concrete Block

    • Masonry


    • Stainless Steel

      Stainless Steel

    • Wood


    • Aluminium


    • PVC Profile

      PVC Profile

    • Window Profile

      Window Profile

    For use also with

    • Concrete Slab

      Concrete Slab

    • Gypsum Fibreboards

      Gypsum Fibreboards

    • Silicate Blocks

      Silicate Blocks

    • Ceramic Hollow Block

      Ceramic Hollow Block

    • High-Density Natural Stone

      High-Density Natural Stone

    • Hollow Lightweight Concrete Block

      Hollow Lightweight Concrete Block

    • Lightweight Concrete Block

      Lightweight Concrete Block

    • Chipboard


    • Plasterboard


    • Solid Brick

      Solid Brick

    • Solid Sand-lime Brick

      Solid Sand-lime Brick

    • Hollow Sand-lime Brick

      Hollow Sand-lime Brick

    • Hollow Brick

      Hollow Brick

    • Vertically-perforated Clay Block

      Vertically-perforated Clay Block


    • For all applications with a legal requirement for fire resistance class B-1 according to DIN 4102
    • For all applications where the increased fire resistance according to PN EN 1366-4 is required:- Bonding insulation materials- Creation of soundproof screens with increased fire resistance- Insulation around cables and pipes- Sealing joints in roofs construction
    • For fireproof assembly of PVC, wood and aluminum frames.
    • For fire-resistant sealing of joints in roofing, walls and ceilings.
    • For fire-resistant filling of frame structures

    Installation guide

    Installation guide
    Installation guide
    Installation guide
    Installation guide
    Installation guide
    Installation guide
    1. Wear protective gloves. Ensure surfaces are free from dust, dirt or debris.
    2. Before using, make sure that the can temperature is above zero (optimum +20°C). Application temperature from +5°C up to +30°C.
    3. Shake can vigorously for 30 seconds to mix properly components.
    4. Screw gun onto the can. Hold can upside-down during application.
    5. Moisten surfaces with water prior to application.
    6. Fill gaps from down to up, zigzag motion, alternating from one wall to the other. Fill gaps to approximately 60 % volume. Max. wide of the gap 3-4 cm. Wider gaps should be applied after hardening of the previous layer. Each layer should be moistened with water using a spray.
    7. After full curing, cut the excess foam with a knife and protect it from UV exposure by coating with plaster, paint, acrylic or silicone.
    8. In the event of a stoppage exceeding five minutes duration, wipe the nozzle with cleaner for foam applicator.
    9. After removing the applicator gun from the can, wipe down the nozzle and gun (internal and external surfaces) using a cleaner.


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