R-GUN Dispenser Gun 175 – 310 ml

Professional dispensing system for resin anchors in foil packaging

Features and benefits

  • Fast and effortless resin injection
  • Convenient dispensing tool for a range of situations
  • Type of gun used for anchoring strictly depends on the type of cartridge
  • Robust design for all jobsite conditions

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    Product information

    Product Code


    Suitable for




    300 ml CARTRIDGE GUN

    Cartridges 175 ml, 280 ml, 300ml, 310ml R-KEM+, R-KEM-II, R-KER, R-KER-II


    • Dispenser gun suitable for 175ml, 280ml, 300ml, 310ml cartridges
    • Manual operation - no need for external power supply
    • For use in a wide range of fastening applications in concrete and solid masonry structures

    Installation guide

    Installation guide
    Installation guide
    Installation guide
    Installation guide
    Installation guide
    1. Open the cartridge and attach the proper nozzle.
    2. Put the cartridge into the gun thoroughly.
    3. Make sure that the nozzle is in correct position and lies in the fence.
    4. By pressing the trigger dose the required amount of the product.
    5. After finished work empty the gun and clean if necessary.


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