OCWS Stainless steel self-drilling screws

Stainless steel self drilling screw with reduced drilling point guarantees optimum tightness of the fastening

Features and benefits

  • Stainless steel self drilling screw made ​​with BIMETAL
  • Hardened surface of the thread (flexible core). Corrosion resistant zinc coating has a thickness of no less than 12um.
  • The full length thread design prevents twisting and allows application without a washer. Furthermore the specific shape and type of thread allow metal sheets to be connected together.
  • Self vulcanizing EPDM washer. Temperature and UV resistant. The special shape of the washer ensures proper seating of the sealing material on the outer cladding material fixture which guarantees a proper seal.
  • The drill point is designed to provide a fast and hassle-free installation in wood. Sharp point of the drill prevents movement of the surface of the fixture.
  • Reduced drilling point ensures optimal tightness and correct hole diameter in thin metal sheets.

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    Base material

    • Structural Steel

      Structural Steel

    • Metal Sheet & Profiles

      Metal Sheet & Profiles


    • For fixing of: Overlapping sheet connection

    Installation guide

    Installation guide
    Installation guide
    1. Screw must be installed at 90 degrees to substrate.
    2. Special driver must be used.
    3. Lowest torque setting on impact screwdriver to start.
    4. Reduce speed when the washer starts to deform.
    5. Use a cordless Impact screwdriver. Note: Never use a power drill.
    6. For installation please use screwdriver of load capacity 1600 - 2000 rpm with regulated trogue.


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