DRA-01 Nylon self-drill fixing for drywall

Self-drilling light-duty nylon fixing for use in plasterboard sheets and gypsum fibreboards.

Features and benefits

  • Flange prevents accidental push through in plasterboard.
  • Can be used in single and double thickness plasterboard.
  • Short length ideally suited for dry lined walls.
  • Installation with a standard screwdriver means that no special tools are necessary.
  • Recommended screw diameter: 3.5 - 4.2 mm
  • Very durable nylon material with fibre glass and special drilling point guarantees fast installation
  • Must only be used with screw provided.

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    For use also with

    • Plasterboard


    • Gypsum Fibreboards

      Gypsum Fibreboards


    • Ideal for installation of sockets, light switches and other electrical fittings
    • Shelves and bathroom accessories on standard plasterboard.
    • Installation of ceiling fixtures, such as light fittings
    • Fixing light shelving, brackets and hooks
    • Pictures
    • Wood battens

    Installation guide

    Installation guide
    Installation guide
    Installation guide
    1. Using a PZ2 screwdriver, push fixing point firmly into the board until thread engages.
    2. Maintaining a firm pressure, screw in fixing until flush with the base material.
    3. Place fixture in position, insert screw and tighten until secure.


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