Universal disinfectant spray with antiviral and antibacterial activities

Technical Data Sheet

    Features and benefits

    • DEZI is a product registered in Office for Registration of Medicinal Products, Medical Devices and Biocidal Products
    • Contains 88% of ethanol
    • Complies with the WHO recommendations
    • Disinfects 99% of surfaces
    • Contains pharmaceutical glycerin
    • Recommended for people, electronics, industry, hospitals, sanitary facilities
    • Antiviral and antibacterial activities
    • DEZI doesn't contain water

    Base material

    • Toys


    • Spa, hairdresser

      Spa, hairdresser

    • Workplaces, businesses

      Workplaces, businesses

    • Sanitary facilities, toilets

      Sanitary facilities, toilets

    • Public and industrial areas

      Public and industrial areas

    • Screens, computers, keyboards, phones

      Screens, computers, keyboards, phones


    • Hands disinfection
    • Disinfection of walls and floors in private, public and insustrial spaces
    • Disinfection of the screens, computers, keyboards, phones
    • Disinfection of the material surfaces
    • Disinfection of building materials
    • Disinfection of sanitary facilities and toilets


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