High performance nylon plug for all types of substrates

Features and benefits

  • Unique internal design provides positive grip for screws.
  • Anti-rotational lugs promote grip in wide range of substrates including soft masonry materials.
  • Rib detail at plug head provides added grip.
  • Expanding section designed to collapse in hollow materials and provide positive grip behind surfaces.
  • Unique 4 way expansion allowing application in any substrate material and type.
  • Solid head design provides strength whilst plug is installed.

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    For use also with

    • Concrete


    • Solid Brick

      Solid Brick

    • Solid Sand-lime Brick

      Solid Sand-lime Brick

    • Vertically-perforated Clay Block

      Vertically-perforated Clay Block

    • Hollow Sand-lime Brick

      Hollow Sand-lime Brick

    • Aerated Concrete Block

      Aerated Concrete Block

    • Plasterboard



    • Lighting
    • Wall cabinets
    • Wardrobes
    • Letterboxes
    • TV brackets
    • Bathroom fittings
    • Electrical fittings
    • Shelves

    Installation guide

    Installation guide
    Installation guide
    Installation guide
    Installation guide
    Installation guide
    1. Drill a hole of required diameter.
    2. Insert 4ALL plug into hole and tap home.
    3. Insert screw of required diameter into plug through fixture and tighten.


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