OEM is the department of the company which deals with industrial clients who use fasteners in machine production, from initial prototypes to servicing clients’ production lines.

The technological department plays an active role in developing new products for the client from the planning stage, through testing, to technical documentation and production.
We are oriented towards dynamic development through constant extension of our product range, investment in a modern machinery park, increased production capacity and increasingly modern and complex products.

We offer a broad selection of bolts for the automotive industry, meeting both DIN and ISO norms as well as individual requirements of clients.Cooperation with such companies as Galfa and Anocote allows us to provide products with a range of anti-corrosion coatings according to the requirements of automotive companies / VW-Group, BMW, Fiat, Ford, Peugeot etc./

In our work we use presses from the well-known European producers SACMA and NEDSCHROEF, and we systematically work to improve production quality and efficiency.

We offer:

  • participation in construction of elements applying the most effective and safest selection of fastening element

  • the possibility to perform materials testing to the extent required by the client’s specification advisory services assisting in proper selection, taking into account the specifications of even the most sophisticated assembly technologies and production lines

  • accredited laboratories at plants and in the company's R&D centres

  • the opportunity to assemble prototypes

We hold:

  • ISO TS and other certificates and KLFS attestations

  • ISO 14001

facet.png Technical Support for OEM Sector:

Rawlplug is pleased to provide technical services for the OEM sector. Our Technical Advisory Service will provide instant solutions for any application. Simply provide your load requirements, base material type and fixture thickness and we will propose a suitable anchor for your application.

We will be pleased to provide samples for approval and testing services to ensure the product is suitable for the fixture.   Testing can be conducted at the customers premises, or at our new Training Centre in Glasgow.

A Test Report will be provided after every test with conclusions and recommendations included.

A Rawlplug Technical Handbook is available on request. This contains loading data for all products, particularly the safety critical anchors including mechanical and bonded anchors.

Products can be provided in bulk packaging or to customers own design.

We will be pleased to supply Method Statements to ensure the fixing is installed correctly, and special product data can be provided.

Please contact the Rawlplug Technical Advisory Service for your fixing solutions.  

+44 (0) 844 800 3320

+44 (0) 844 300 3340

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