OEM System


Rawlplug® offers specialist products for system solutions

OEM System is the department responsible for cooperation with producers of construction materials on a global scale.

The product developed based on the relation between Rawlplug and the system client is a part of the client’s commercial offer, and is usually sold under the client’s brand either as a part of a complete system or independently as a separate element.This makes it possible to share good experiences across markets, to implement local products on a global scale and global products on a local one.

The process of creating a product that meets the expectations and requirements of the client involves not only the client, but also individual departments of Rawlplug such as R&D, product managers, the laboratory, purchasing, quality control, legal (patents) and sales.The process itself consists in construction, production, testing, implementation and post-sales service of the product.We hold positive references from the largest construction companies in the industry, such as:Rockwool, SIG, Lafarge, Saint Gobain and Knauf

Our cooperation with producers gives us the potential to launch unique products designed for specific uses that constitute an ideal complement to our clients' offers with fastening techniques.Every product we launch jointly with clients is approved and holds the necessary certificates and European norms.

One additional element of cooperation which cements relations with our clients is the service and direct contact with our reps in individual markets, which we provide in many European countries via our branch offices.This allows us to react quickly, to maintain local stocks and to pick the most suitable product solutions for a given market.

The primary sectors of construction focused on by the Rawlplug OEM System Department:


ETICS thermal insulation systems
producers of insulating materials (wool, styrofoam)
producers of roof membranes
producers of metal shingles
producers of composite panels


producers of drywalls
producers of profiles
producers of attached installation systems
producers of warehouse frames
producers of lifts
producers of sanitary fittings


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