For nearly a century Rawlplug® has been renowned for its high quality products and technical expertise within the Building and Civil Engineering Industry. Our heavy duty anchors have been specified for safety critical applications on many prestigious projects.

Our technical personnel liaise with Construction professionals daily, ensuring the most appropriate anchoring solutions are selected and that future product developments reflect the trends within the industry.

Our focus is on delivering the highest quality products cost effectively. Where ever our products are purchased around the world the quality remains consistent so engineers can specify with confidence.

Whether you are a Specifier, Contractor, Distributor or User, you can contact Rawlplug for free advice plus Site Testing, Product Training and Technical Seminars.

Our specialist range of heavy duty anchors

Offering so many anchoring solutions.

Our New Product Development Departments in Glasgow and Poland have worked hard to ensure there is a Resin solution for every situation.

With recent developments of the Rawlplug® R-CFS (foil), R-KER-W (fast cure resin in a cartridge) and the well established R-KEX, the company is able to offer the most comprehensive range available today.

The new environmentally friendly R-CFS is a high performance anchoring system where the resin is contained in a foil sleeve. Three types of resin are available including Vinylester styrene free and Polyester styrene free, depending on loading and structural requirements. This is the most economical system as there is no plastic cartridge required and so waste material is insignificant. A new improved gun is available for comfort and ease of use.

The next most recent development is very topical-low temperature resin. The current Rawlplug® R-KER Vinylester 380ml cartridge system operates down to -5°C. Rawlplug have now provided a solution in the form of R-KER-W for very low temperatures. This new product can be used down to -20°C, with reduced curing time.

R-KER and R-KER-W are high strength resins giving maximum loads in concrete when used with threaded studs or rebar. Embedments can be deeper to increase load capacities, and pumping is easy due to the resin consistency.

Both these products have been awarded a European Technical Approval (ETA), providing even further evidence of the quality and performance of Rawlplug products.

The most difficult anchoring solutions involve Overhead and Hollow Structures. Rawl offers 2 possible answers for this – the R-KEM-II 300ml cartridge, recently awarded a European Technical Approval (ETA), and the R-KF2 Polyester resin 380ml cartridge.

The R-KEM-II is used in a standard skeleton gun for convenience, and both of these resins can be considered as problem solving and very versatile. The full range of accessories are available for hollow  structures including mesh and plastic sleeves.

Moving on to the Resin Capsule system which was the original bonded anchor, consisting of glass capsule, resin, quartz aggregate and hardener. The capsule is placed in the hole (only for solid structures), and the stud is connected to a drilling machine and drilled through the capsule down to the bottom of the hole, mixing all the components as it goes. This is a very high performance system, quick curing, with absolutely no waste materials or pollution.

For applications involving Rebar, the R-HAC-V Hammer Capsule is an easy solution. Simply drill the required hole, drop in the capsule and hammer the rebar in by hammer or for multiple capsules, by hammer action drilling machine.

Then we should consider the Mechanical anchor range – including the high performance SafetyPlus, R-XPT Throughbolts, and the famous and original Rawlbolt, (now with Option 1 European Technical Approval), and the general purpose Rawlok sleeve anchor and 2 types of Wedge Anchors, both with ETA’s used especially for mechanical and electrical services.


The Rawlplug Company was founded in the UK more than 94 years ago and not surprisingly remains the best known brand in the Construction, Trade and DIY sectors.

When it comes to mechanical and bonded anchors, no company has done more than Rawlplug to promote these products throughout the world.

The growth and developments particularly in resin technology have been spectacular.

The Rawlplug product range has developed considerably over recent years, and now includes 3 methods of resin delivery- Foil, Cartridge and Capsule.

Consider the range of structures that the Engineers and Contractors have to work with and fix into - New and Old, Low and High Strength, Solid and Hollow, Overhead and Horizontal, Deep and Shallow Embedment, Dry, Dusty and Damp or Saturated Substrates etc.

In recent years Rawlplug have developed a full range of Approved Facade and Roofing Insulation Fixings to complement the existing fixing products range for the construction industry.

Rawlplug products are manufactured to the highest standards of production and they are consequently fully supported by approvals, test data, and experienced engineers who can provide site testing and solutions for all applications.

A new Design and Specification Guide will soon be available, and the recently launched Design Software covering the full range of Rawlplug anchors is available for free download at

Rawlplug launched in 2013 two new High Performance Throughbolts, the R-HPTII-A4 and the R-HPTII-ZF, both with ETA Option 1 for Cracked Concrete. These mechanical anchors are the latest in a long line of innovative products from the oldest fixing company in the world.

Full details on all our products can be found in the Technical Handbook and further product literature available from the Rawlplug Download Centre

Construction Fixings Association (CFA)


Rawlplug is a proud member of the Construction Fixings Association (CFA) which represents major fixings suppliers within theUK.

All CFA full members are committed to providing technically proven products manufactured to recognised Quality Assurance procedures and backed up with comprehensive technical support services including performance data, anchor selection software, application advice, on site testing and training in the correct use of our products.

The CFA is directly involved in the development of European and British Standards, contributing to the development of European Guidelines for Technical Approval of anchors. The CFA also ensures best fixings practice by publishing a series of free Guidance Notes, downloadable from the website which also provides articles, news and technical advice.


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For technical advice or details of our extensive range of products please contact the Rawlplug Technical Advisory Service. We will deal with any enquiries promptly.

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Technical Director

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