Corporate Culture

Our mission

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The Group’s mission stresses two most important customers’ needs: high quality and innovation of the products. The satisfaction of the above needs is in the focus of interest of Rawlplug Group companies. For many years now the company has been building its portfolio including middle and high-market products and has consistently been implementing product and process improvements, concentrating its competitive advantages on high quality and innovation. While formulating our new mission, we stressed our intention to continue the existing activities aimed at satisfying the needs of demanding customers, including professionals, looking for new, reliable and sustainable solutions.

Our vision

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Currently Rawlplug Group operates mainly on European markets, with the Middle East being the most important non-European market. In the next 10 years we plan strong geographical expansion and the creation of a global Group, with our presence on all continents and on the majority of markets. While building a strong, international corporation, we want to continuously reinforce the position and image of the company, making Rawlplug Group products the customers’ first choices and bestsellers in their respective segments. Geographical expansion into new, promising markets, while keeping the restrictive cost policy, combined with improving the position and image of the products and brands.

Our values



With passion, we can achieve perfection. Our business and the market landscape will continue to evolve, but as long as we are passionate about what we do and how we do it, we can be confident in our ability to deliver products and solutions that help our clients, and help strengthen our brand and market position.


We believe in the value of collaboration – both internally (between employees, departments and subsidiaries) and also externally with our clients, end users, distributors and business partners. When we collaborate effectively, we bring our shared visions and goals closer to reality.


We work hard to foster a professional, inspiring environment for our people. Rawlplug employees are experts in their respective fields. By fostering a professional approach to work, career development and wellbeing, our people are better able to focus on their core tasks and the strategic goals of the company.


In order to achieve our strategic goals, we need to be effective; effective in our own operations and processes, and also in understanding what our clients and end users need to be more effective in their tasks. Our commitment to effectiveness and minimising waste drives every business process and every interaction inside and outside the company.


As an organisation, Rawlplug is configured to have customers at the heart of its operations. Our customers are at the forefront of our mind when we develop every new product or seek to improve our operations and business processes.