Surprise from the British Film Institute archive

Ladies and Gentlemen, we invite you to embark on an amazing journey back in time: it’s 1924, a man has a problem – how to hang a picture on the wall.

I think we are all getting rather nostalgic in the office and some of our biggest customers. We found this little gem deep within the records of our rich history. The advertisement, although a bit quirky perfectly displays a solution to a problem. Innovation followed soon after with stronger and higher performance fixings and fasteners. It’s incredible to think that we helped transform an industry and helped develop and grow it to this day.

Our very own Niall Thompson, Marketing Coordinator for the UK. commented saying, “This is of extremely great value both for our brand and our customers. It allows them to find out just how innovative our marketing was within the UK, back in the 1920’s”.

There are a lot of plans for future video, in actual fact we have created a brand new one showcasing some of the greatest thinks that make us Rawlplug.
have a look right here:

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