Rawlplug develops a NEW automatic packing line

Rawlplug automatic packing lineA new process of automatic packing has been launched in the Rawlplug Headquarters in Wroclaw.

Following the modernisation of the old line, the Rawlplug offer will now become even more competitive. The new line allows the packing of two-component products, such as an anchor bolt with a screw, practical cardboard packaging with a dispenser and a new range of bags. Tests are currently underway on the new bags and adjustment of their new possibilities – products in new quantities are checked as well as the efficiency and costs of the process.

The efficiency of the entire production process is going to improve significantly: it will be faster, its accuracy will increase by approximately 20%, and modern software will reduce errors and losses related to changes in packaging parameters for different ranges of products. The entire process is twice as efficient as before. This is just one of many innovations that have been implemented this year. This change is designed to improve effectiveness and working conditions at Rawlplug.

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